Mental Fitness Workshops to Elevate Your Mind

Life's journey can sometimes lead us through challenging terrain, testing our emotional strength and resilience. At Lighter Minds counselling in Leicester, I offer a transformative experience through my specialist Mental Fitness Workshops. As an experienced and licensed therapist in Leicester, I host monthly workshops that are your gateway to revealing the power of positive psychology, enabling you to cultivate emotional resilience and lead a more content, mindful, focused, grateful, and joyful life.

Lighter Minds monthly workshops are fun informal positive psychology workshops. They are run by an experienced licenced therapist that will teach you a tried and tested emotional resilience kit used by the NHS. So, you will know all you need to feel more contented, mindful, focused, grateful and joyful.

What do you get from your workshops?

  • You will receive weekly emails to enhance your learning
  • You can get support from an expert in emotional resilience and fully qualified licenced therapist (Lainy Wills).
  • You will get an emotional resilience pack (physical or digital) that you can refer to when ever you need to (just like you would a first aid kit). This contains the history, science, further study ideas and full description of the tools that you have learnt.

Strengthen your relationship with yourself

  • Learn how your mind works
  • Learn how to forgive yourself for your mistakes
  • Identify your strengths
  • Accept yourself for who you are

Strengthen your relationship with others

  • Learn what healthy boundaries are and how to create them
  • Learn how to identify and avoid toxic relationships
  • Learn how to healthily solve conflict

Strengthen your relationship with happiness

  • Learn how to live in the moment and see the magic in every moment
  • Learn how to let go of the past
  • Learn how to stop worrying about the future

Complete Mental Fitness Workshop

  • Get the benefits of all three courses and save £10
  • Discounted gym membership too
  • Hosted at your local, friendly gym and group exercise studio in South Wigston, Leicester

 Unlock Your Potential with Mental Fitness Workshops in Leicester

My Leicester counselling services extend to these focused workshops. Differing from your typical learning experience; they're an engaging, informal, and fun journey into gaining emotional wellbeing. Led by myself, Lainy Wills, I hold full qualifications as a licensed therapist with extensive expertise in emotional resilience, so you can be reassured that you are in capable hands. Included in the workshops is a tried and tested emotional resilience toolkit, which has even been embraced by the NHS. This toolkit equips you with the elements you need to navigate life's challenges with strength and grace.

Elevate Your Mental Fitness with Lighter Minds - Your Path to Emotional Resilience

My specialist workshops are designed to provide you with practical skills that can be woven into the fabric of your daily life. As you attend, you'll receive weekly emails that enhance your learning, offering ongoing support as you integrate these transformative concepts.

Empowering You with Knowledge Tools

Under my guidance with a broad knowledge of emotional resilience, you'll receive invaluable insights that can strengthen your relationship with yourself. You'll explore the inner workings of your mind, learning how to extend forgiveness to yourself and embrace your strengths. My Leicester counselling services facilitate self-acceptance, helping you build a foundation of self-love and understanding.

Forging Strong Bonds with Others

At Lighter Minds, I believe that mental fitness extends beyond the individual; it's about nurturing healthier relationships with those around you. My mental fitness workshops in Leicester will guide you through the process of establishing healthy boundaries, identifying and avoiding toxic relationships, and mastering the art of conflict resolution. These skills empower you to forge meaningful connections with others.

Welcoming Happiness into Your Life

Happiness is not just a fleeting emotion – it's a state of being that you can actively cultivate. My counselling in Leicester offers workshops that provide you with the tools to truly embrace happiness. You'll learn how to savour the magic in every moment, release the grip of the past, and silence the worries about the future. This transformational shift in perspective allows you to experience life in its full vibrancy.

Complete Mental Fitness In Leicester

For those seeking comprehensive growth, my Complete Mental Fitness Workshops offer the benefits of all three core courses, saving you £10. And there's more – as part of my commitment to holistic wellbeing, I offer discounted gym memberships. These workshops are hosted at a friendly local gym and group exercise studio in South Wigston, Leicester, offering you a supportive environment to embark on your journey of mental fitness.

Embrace the Lighter Minds Experience

At Lighter Minds, I am not just a service provider; I am your partner on your path to emotional resilience and overall wellness. Discover the power of mental fitness, and unlock your potential for a more fulfilled and joyful life. Whether you're seeking counselling in Leicester or life coaching in Leicester, my Mental Fitness Workshops can transform your life. Get in touch today!  


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